Better Reading Better Doing

Reado is a not-for-profit project that promotes reading (READ) and volunteer work(DO) between US and China. READO is operated by volunteers, students, and parents from both China and USA.

The goals are:
1. READ: Promote reading.
2. DO: Provide students opportunities to communicate, to volunteer, to manage, and to lead.

We are gladly accept books, used or new, children books or adult books.

You can participate READO in 3 ways:

1. Donate book, please send books to:

c/o WholeRen Education
3000 McKnight East Drive, Suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Please include your contact information with the book donation.

(Sorry, we cannot give you tax-deduction receipt, but we will give you a big THANK-YOU!)

WholeRen Education and American Homestay Services are committed to donate 500 US books to Reado each year.

2. Donate postage in stamps, or luggage delivery for free airport pickup.

Each shipment of 200 books usually cost about $100 for surface shipping via US Postal Service.

WholeRen Education and American Homestay Services will arrange the shipment.

Donation will be in stamps, as READO does not have a bank account.

You can deliver a book case to Beijing as luggage. READO will offer airport pickup in Beijing or Shanghai, by READO volunteers, for free. You will have a warm Chinese welcome, and a someone accompany you to hotel. This is a good way to start your Chinese journey.

3. Volunteer for the project.

READO needs volunteers both in the US, and in China.

Volunteer will do project management, coordination, and book management, young reader guidance.

4. Organize interactive book reading club activities with Chinese young readers.

US schools are welcomed to participate.

Please contact us at info, or reado , or call us directly: 1-412-567-8617